Bubblegum Rattle

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  • Keep it natural You want to use a gentle cleanser on handmade toys.
  • A mild, environmentally friendly baby wash liquid, and some cold water, will work well.
  • No soaking 
  • Spot cleaning


Undoubtedly, a rattle comes in the first few toys of a newborn or a baby. Our Bubblegum rattle is definitely here to steal your heart. 


Our Rumi Crochet Collection's Bubblegum rattle is designed keeping in mind your little one trying to hold and feel(sensorial development) things around them

It is made in 100% cotton thread which is absolutely safe for your little one's hands. We have kept the rattle sound low and rhythmic as a baby can hear much sharper than an adult. It may sound low to us but is loud for a child.  It is specially designed to protect a newborn's delicate hearing.

Bubblegum rattle is easy to hold from its cute ears or its bushy pom pom tail! 


Great to buy for your child or for gifting


100% cotton thread

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Ear to Feet: 7 inches

Width: 3 inches


  • Rattles provides a source of stimulation.
  • Child follows the sound they produce and follow the path with their eyes, as well as giving them a sense of discovery as they try to grab and hold the rattle.
  • Perfectly sized for little hands, the softest and safest companion they would find.

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