Hopper and Bubblegum

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  • Keep it natural You want to use a gentle cleanser on handmade toys.
  • A mild, environmentally friendly baby wash liquid, and some cold water, will work well.
  • No soaking
  • Spot cleaning


Our Rumi Crochet Collection's Hopper the Bunny and Bubblegum Rattle are designed keeping in mind your little one trying to hold and feel(sensorial development) things around them.

Hopper has thin, soft arms and legs so that even a newborn can clasp.  Bubblegum is super easy to hold from its ears or his pompom tail!


Made in 100% cotton thread it is safe for a newborn and a baby.


A hopper and Bubblegum rattle of the chosen combo. 


Please Note: If you need the box please call or WA on the contact support number.


100% cotton thread

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We ship in 2-3 days


Hopper is 9 inches tall

Bubblegum Rattle is 5 inches tall


Toddlers who play with crochet or fabric figures (human or animal) helps in dramatic play, the kind of play 

that happens when children play with figures, helps develop a child's imagination as they encounter creative

and imagined scenarios with them. 


Playing with figures fosters a sense of caring in young children which builds emotional intelligence for tomorrow.

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