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Mother nature is an essential component of free play. Trees represent the importance of each season and what that season has to offer to the child.


It is no surprise that children understand and follow nature intuitively as it sets the rhythm and repetition in our lives. Children learn the importance of nature and make trees and other nature elements a part of their play.


Whether you choose natural or hand-painted, forest trees are simple with minimal outline that help the child connect with different colours and shades of green or with natural colours where the child can explore their imagination on colours the trees could have. Each tree is designed keeping in mind the different shapes, sizes and seasons that we witness around us at home and while traveling.


A set of 3 trees


They are hand made and hand-painted by artisans in Banaras using local and sustainable wood.

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We ship in 2-3 days


Ranges between 4 inches to 7.5 inches.


Mini Forest trees allow a very young child enjoy free play - where they can sense the texture, observe different shapes, listen to colours and shapes from her primary caregiver and growing to create their own narratives (speech and language ) as they play.

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