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Well, who does not like color and having fun! Made with upcycled teak wood and other natural elements they are handmade by Indian artisans and finished with natural lacquer.

Playdough is the apt answer for many sensorial and other developmental stages in a child.


Playdough is especially good for building those all-important fine motor skills. All that pushing, pulling, squeezing, and rolling builds up strength in their little hands that are required for pencil control, scissor skills, and other fine motor activities


Absolutely! All of the above with our ‘Dough It Up! Tools makes it even more fun and frolic. Our tools are designed to create your child’s play dough time not only fun but also giving you many teachable moments.


8 pieces

  • 4 different textured rolling pins
  • 2 different shaped hammers
  • 2 different shaped tools


Upcycled teak wood and naturally dyed lacquer

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All pieces are 6 inches making them perfect for 2-6 year old hands


  • Able to hold a rolling pin (pushing, pulling, balancing, fine motor skills)
  • Ability to identify different designs/patterns made by the rolling pin
  • Pounding/hitting with the hammer develops hand muscles
  • Cutting with the tools ( pre-writing skills)

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