Challenger - Play Blocks | 350 Elements

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Children develop dexterity and the skill of block play is quite elaborate! You will see curved buildings, multiple levels, the building over other structures and toys. 


The children are in the stage of cooperative play, and it is not uncommon for discussions of what they want to build, how they may build the structures, and what part each will play in the "drama". At this stage, it is helpful to have a wide range of sizes, shapes, and types of blocks available.


350 elements are broken into:

158 solid blocks 

58 large flat blocks 

29 small flat blocks 

105 stick blocks


Imported European Beechwood and Birch ply

Ships In

Due to high demand, we have opened it for PREORDERS and deliveries will begin on 4th of October.


Block is 2*2*2 inches
Large Plank is 8*4 inches
Small Plank is 5*5 inches
Stick is 1.5 inches


Concepts of STEM
Fine motor skills
Hand-eye coordination
Spatial awareness and reasoning
Cognitive flexibility
Language skills
Problem solving
Critical thinking

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